The service company

Good and fast service is a calling card for your company. ProAssist specializes in the execution of your service offer.

Our call centres are active 24/7 and are the voice of our clients. Our logistics services act as the face of our clients and are there to help their customers 24/7 at any location in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.


Since 1995, ProAssist has grown into one of the leading after-sales service organizations for consumer electronics, and that with good reason. Whether it concerns mobile phones, PDAs, computers, laptops, IP-phones, photo printers, printer terminals, digital cameras, LCD screens or coffee machines, ProAssist takes care of every service related to warranties, repairs and insurance claims including the accompanying paperwork. ProAssist has a broad range of replacement and loan products.


In addition, a division of ProAssist specializes in intricate distribution, warehousing and repair logistics. Moreover, ProAssist Group's insurance company insures mobile phones and laptops for every type of damage.


In short, a broad range of complementary services that relieve you of worries, save costs and enable you to generate more revenue and better results.